by Nina Kethevan



“Austin Pendleton is the king in this fanciful and superbly presented take on the Trojan War with an iPhone, gorgeous costumes and some cool performances! Dress of Fire’s snappy theatricality is stimulating.”

Theater Scene

“Dress of Fire is one of the most surprisingly poignant plays I have seen.”

Diandra Reviews It All

“The play is passionately and dramatically illuminating. Intelligently conceived, literate, well-crafted, impressively conveyed, and deals with important currently relevant issues in a profoundly perceptive way!”

— TV’s Dazzle Unlimited

“An excellent experience, beautifully produced and engaging throughout. It draws the audience into the famous conflict and makes strong statements against war and violence that are still pertinent today. This play is well worth seeing!”

Hi! Drama


"The whole play is so full of beautiful and magical and unexpected things." 

— Austin Pendleton

"...a fine work of art as significant as anything written in recent history."  

 — Tony Roberts

"Your play asks questions people have been asking themselves for thousands of years." 

— Jean-Luc Bideau (membre de La Comédie-Française) 

"This may seem obvious but some entertainment asks you to just watch, while others ask you to listen. Dress of Fire asks you to listen and learn."

— Diandra Reviews It All


Nina Kethevan


Was Gregor's violen-playing sister in Kafka's metamorphosis and Anna in Chekhov's Ivanov in Paris. Her Adaptation of Nijinsky's journal won unanimous praise! Reviews in Le Monde, Le Figaro, Elle, New York Herald Tribune had her invited to London's National Theatre for two guest performances in english. She recalls with amusement that having repeated so many times in both French and English Nijinsky's words: "I no longer dance as before because all dancers are death so now I write" (Which she substituted for I no longer act as before), she ended up by taking her own advice and began to write. When she met Joseph Brodsky in Manhattan he was teaching at Queens College; his frenzied passion for poetry made a lasting impression on her. Both French (Dress of Fire was read in Geneva Switzerland with the title of L'Habit de Feu) and readers of her play on both sides of the ocean have referred to it as "a poem".

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